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2015 Soundtrack

2015 music and audio was created by 5 students from the juniors class and one from the seniors: B. Kurzawa, C. Leadingham, T. Layman, A. Whitesides and D. Rohr. The audio program in CGDA was still being developed, and different software was still being evaluated for the program, but the students still created some excellent pieces as you will hear.

Ya Dun Goofed – by A. Whitesides

Upon the Knoll – by B. Kurzawa

Tasty Grocery Beat – by C. Leadingham

Sand in my Esophagus – by B. Kurzawa

Rock the Night – by Audio Team

RAVE – by T. Layman

Play Dat Funk – by T. Layman

Milky Rolo Swirl – by C. Leadingham

Jazzy – by B. Kurzawa

Here I Come – by D. Rohr

Hadron Kollidr – by T. Layman

Funky Detox – by T. Layman

Escape – by B. Kurzawa

Cosmic Cube – by C. Leadingham

Camel Races – by C. Leadingham

Body Geometry – by T. Layman

Beats for Billings – by T. Layman

Back to Basix – by T. Layman