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2016 Soundtrack Juniors

The 2016 juniors audio team is already on a the right track. They are making great music for their teams games and animation, and put together a awesome soundtrack on their own. This is the first time that a Junior class has created a complete soundtrack. This is also the first time everyone on the audio team made “Christmas” themed music. OG Santa, O’Come Ye Metal Gentlemen and Asian Christmas, are different genres of music, each experimenting with what can be done differently, but still maintain that seasonal theme.

All Systems – by A. Dankulich

Asian Christmas – by J. Rock

Chill Hop Part 1 – by A. Dankulich

Chill Hop Part 2 – by A. Dankulich

Dubstep Walk – by A. Dankulich

Forged For Battle – by Z. Puglisi

House Party – by A. Dankulich

I Don’t Know – by A. Dankulich

Level 4 Boss Fight – by A. Dankulich

Midst of Battle – by A. Dankulich

O’Come Ye Metal Gentlemen – by Z. Puglisi

OG Santa – by A. Dankulich

Symphony of Winds – by J. Rock