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2016 Soundtrack

The trio of B. Kurzawa, C. Leadingham & T. Layman took CGDA music to new heights incorporating jazz, symphonic style compositions, R&B, pop, rock and more. These men have set the bar high, establishing the gold standard of what is expected from the CGDA audio section.

The Grand Hall – by C. Leadingham

Nameless – by B. Kurzawa

Indian Orchestra – by T. Layman

Fun House – by B. Kurzawa

Mellow – by T. Layman

Bronze Harbor – by C. Leadingham

Adventuriffic – by B. Kurzawa

Winter Solstice – by. T. Layman

Beast of the Mountain – by C. Leadingham

Lift off – by B. Kurzawa

Jazz – by. T. Layman