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2017 Soundtrack

The 2017 seniors: Z. Puglisi, A. Dankulich & J. Rock continued the tradition of creating a soundtrack CD for the graduating year. Label and disc designed by students in graphics, and audio mastered in full 7.1 surround sound. Students and parents can request copies of the CD, but all the tracks are listed here for your listening pleasure. Z. Puglisi created an extended rendition of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s famous Phantom of the Opera score, but seeing that it’s copyrighted music, we asked, and were given permission by the foundation to post her rendition here… enjoy.

Wake up – by A. Dankulich

Transcend – by Z. Puglisi

Thica’s Menu – by A. Dankulich

To Neptune – by Z. Puglisi

Pirates – by A. Dankulich

Remnants of the Chapel – by Z. Puglisi

Lazy Day Jazz – by A. Dankulich

Red Stardust – by Z. Puglisi

Midnight City – by A. Dankulich

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera (Extended Rendition) – by Z. Puglisi

American Experience – by A. Dankulich

Frances Bridge – by Z. Puglisi

Block Party Starter – by J. Miner