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2019-2020 Soundtrack Juniors

The 2019-2020 Juniors and Seniors are off to a good early start. They are making smooth jazz and winter themed music, with plans in the works for a combined piece for the grand finale. Unfortunately COVID19 closure happened and plans changed. However, the burning passion of musicians cannot be stopped, and the students continued to make great music from home using both free and professional software when available. Students used Garageband, demo versions of FL Studio, Cakewalk and even an Opensource linux software Cecilia. The things musicians will do to hone their craft… inspiring!

Chilly Autumn – by Arianna “Maestro” Berner

Dawn of War UGLFV – by Dennis “Inth” Williams

Orchestra Tuning 1 – by Aleksey Goehres

Orchestra Tuning 2 – by Aleksey Goehres

AG Orchestra – by Aleksey Goehres

Anime Park – by Aleksey Goehres

Pluto’s Dream – by Arianna “Maestro” Berner

Lofi Winter – by Josh Hahn

Christmas with the Hahns – by Josh Hahn