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2019 Soundtrack

2019 Sole audio senior Sai Mawalla kept the yearly soundtrack tradition going by working with the junior audio students for a first time collaboration CD. As usual, the soundtrack is a compilation of multiple genres of music and a wide variation of sounds. There is something for everyone. This years soundtrack even included two tracks from senior two years ago (Alex Dankulich) to add a hip hop and EDM element to the CD.

Fetch My Blades – by Joshua Hahn (Junior)

Groovy Salamander – by Alex Dankulich

Scurvy Scallywags – by Sai Mawalla

Mochi Metropolis – by Sai Mawalla

Battle to the End – by Aleksey Goehres (Junior)

Before we ride – by Aleksey Goehres (Junior)

Interlude – by Sai Mawalla

Citrus Street – by Sai Mawalla

High Voltage – by Alex Dankulich

Lazy Rain Clouds – by Alex Dankulich

Egg Engine – by Sai Mawalla

The Mighty Rubberband King – by Joshua Hahn (Junior)

This is my Racetrack – by Joshua Hahn (Junior)

Welcome Home Warriors – by Joshua Hahn (Junior)

Highlanders Festival – by Joshua Hahn (Junior)

The Stray of Defeat By Joshua Hahn (Junior)

Short Wait By Aleksey Goehres (Junior)