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Sailing ship 3D design and animation by Nick Neff – Audio by Sai Mawalla
CGDA Animated Logo – Created by Mr. C. Michael (3D) & Ms. J. Rock (Audio)
Chess Game – Created by Mr. A. Hael (3D, Coder, Audio and Graphics)
My 3D house – By Ms. Katherine Clark
The Pantheon By Mr. Nicholas Neff

In 2015, the Biomedical Sciences teachers sent a few students to CGDA to create animations for their capstone presentations. Since the animations were going to be part of a presentation, some did not require audio, but that didn’t make the challenge any easier. Learning new terminologies, working with actual “clients” and delivering complex projects and meeting fixed deadlines. The students loved it.

Biomed 1 – A contact lens solution – Animated by Mr. Q. Marsden
Biomed 2 – The effects of heroin on the body – Animated by Mr. Glaser
Biomed 3 – Emergency resuscitation – Animated by Mr. Nick Valentine
Biomed 4 – The micro cpap – Animated by Ms. Emma Parlin
Biomed 5 – CRISPR – Animated by Mr. Andrew Rhodes
Biomed 6 – Personal Epilepsy Response Unit – Animated by Mr. Timothy Foster
Biomed 7 – SMaRT DNA Repair – Animated by Mr. Nicholas Neff
Biomed 8 – Virtual Physical Therapy – Animated by Mr. Nicholas Neff