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Every piece of music featured on this page is original composition written and composed by CGDA students, and either featured in a game, animation, or as part of their digital portfolio. With the exception for two tracks: “Setting Sail” from the 2016 Soundtrack – A homage to a Nintendo game; and, “Phantom of the Opera” rendition and extension from the 2017 Soundtrack. While those two are not original works, they were recreated note by note by the students in Logic Pro X and FL Studio. The audio students worked really hard on these pieces throughout the school year and are proud of their accomplishments. The links below will take you to each album where you will be able to listen and enjoy their works.

2019-2020 Juniors

2019 Soundtrack

2018 Soundtrack

2017 Soundtrack

2016 Soundtrack Seniors

2016 Soundtrack Juniors

2015 Soundtrack

2014 Soundtrack